7 Ways to De-Stress in the Library During Finals

7 Ways to De-Stress in the Library During Finals…

Final exams are nearly upon us, and if you are serious about your studies, you will probably find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time at HPU Libraries finishing up projects and studying.  We realize you’ll spend most of this time “in the zone” knocking out your assignments—which is great—but please don’t forget to take a break every so often to recharge and reward yourself for all you managed to accomplish so far!

Here, then, are 7 fun, relaxing things you can do quickly in the libraries without becoming too distracted:

#1: Help yourself to some complimentary coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in the Break Room at Smith Library. Combine this with one of the other suggestions from this list, and you’ve got yourself a study break!

#2: Pick up the latest issue of your favorite popular magazine to browse. We have titles like Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Southern Living, Rolling Stone, and more at Smith Library and the Learning Commons. There’s something for everyone!

#3: Walk the library and peruse the various art collections and displays. At Smith Library there are presidential portraits, coins and currency from around the world, and bronze sculptures, to name a few. At the Learning Commons you’ll find antique oil paintings, French lithographs, presidential memorabilia and African artifacts throughout the space.

#4: Pick up a board game from our collection on the main floor of Smith Library and play a round or two with your friends. Nothing too involved—think Pictionary, Battleship, Operation, etc. Conserve your brain power and play something silly for a minute.

#5: Take a “shelfie” or a selfie with your favorite book and post it on social media. Tag the library accounts (we are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and your parents to show them you’re studying!

#6: Read a poem. By now you’re probably familiar with our “Pause.Read.Enjoy” series. Every week we post a different short poem in our signs by the Smith Library elevator and the Learning Commons printer room. Stop by those locations and read our poetry selection for the week.

#7: Don’t do anything. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and slightly claustrophobic, just take a moment to sit, relax, breathe, and enjoy a beautiful view. Stroll through the rose garden in front of Smith Library, which is just starting to bloom, or take in the best view of our gorgeous campus from the Learning Commons balconies.

HPU Libraries are here for you. You will get through this!

Smith roses