GIANT Winter Periodicals Event!

We are featuring periodicals for a 2-week event to educate about what periodicals are and what format types they include as well as to highlight examples of periodicals in our collection.


What are periodicals?

Periodicals, a word that can be interchanged with serials, are informative publications published on a varying but continual basis.  Periodical types include newspapers, magazines, and journals and these are the types we will be featuring during this event.

           1. Newspapers are published daily with timely articles and our collection includes local titles—High Point Enterprise and News & Record as well as the national titles New York Times and Wall Street Journal. We also have access to several newspaper databases online, all of which are listed on our Newspapers guide.

          2. Magazines are often glossy and published weekly or monthly and include advertisements.  We subscribe to several magazine titles in print including American Scientist, Economist, National Geographic, and Southern Living. We have magazine collections at all three library locations. At the Wanek Center Learning Commons you will find twenty titles including Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Wired, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and more! At the School of Education Resource Center you will find children’s titles like Highlights for Children, Muse, and National Geographic for Kids. While magazines at Smith and the Learning Commons are for in-house use only, magazines at the Resource Center are available to check out.

If you are interested in history, older issues of popular magazines are an indispensable resource for insight into daily life, consumer and popular culture from years past. Nothing quite captures what it was like to be a 1950’s housewife like flipping through a vintage issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal!  You can find this and many more on the third floor of Smith Library in the section called “Bound Periodicals.”

          3. Journals contain scholarly research, are usually peer reviewed, and have footnotes and/or reference citations.  Our collection of journals is mainly electronic but we do have a few print titles including American Economic Review, Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, and Journal of Philosophy. You can search for electronic journal titles using Journal Finder.


Please do check out our bright display in Smith on the main floor near the computers and across from the Circulation desk where materials are checked out.





Keep watching as our examples of periodicals will be changing!

-Sheri Teleha, Cataloging & Serials Librarian