Poems on a Corner

Our weekly selection of poems, Pause. Read. Enjoy, displayed in campus libraries, is temporarily changing during the early weeks of 2017. In a class taught last semester by HPU English Department instructor, Charmaine Cadeau, a group of five High Point University poets recently sought to explore how literature can involve all the senses, including those of touch and movement. Stemming from their interest in the role of poetry in public spaces, this project enabled these HPU poets to add to the literary culture on campus.

Each student has selected a published poem and created a three-dimensional display to accompany their pick. Beginning this week, and running for the next five weeks, the Poems on a Corner can be viewed to the right of the elevator, second floor, Smith Library. Please stop by and view each of the unique displays by Holly Gambrell, Andy James, Logan King and Taylor Tedford. Angelica Stabile starts us off this week, with her three-dimensional display accompanying the poem, “Good Hours” by Robert Frost:


-Andrew Fair, Evening Reference Librarian

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