rbDigital: Your Source for Streaming Audiobooks

Many of you have discovered that Smith Library offers a collection of books on CD for checkout, but did you know we also offer access to thousands more audiobook titles you can stream from your phone or other device? The online resource rbDigital (formerly OneClickDigital) makes it easy to find and stream audiobook titles from your computer, tablet or phone. They also offer an extensive eBook collection all in one place. Here you will find classic novels as well as popular contemporary titles across the full spectrum of genres–there is something to suit every reader’s taste.

The app is particularly impressive, and enables you to browse by genre or search for a specific title, author, keyword, or narrator. Further search parameters allow you to filter your search to those titles which are available to check out, and those written for specific audiences. If you are one of many who prefer to listen to your books, rbDigital can help you fly through your summer “to-read” list–all without spending a dime!


Images from Recorded Books, Inc. on Google Play

You can get started with rbDigital in just a few minutes by following four easy steps…

Step 1: Access rbDigital (formerly OneClickDigital) through the Resources A-Z link on the library website, or click this link.

Step 2: Create an account with them—it is fast and free!

Step 3: Download the appropriate desktop or mobile app and sign in with your account.

Step 4: Find the audiobook or eBook you want, check it out, and enjoy! You can check out books on their website or from within the app.

If the book you want is checked out, no worries—place a hold using the button underneath the book cover and you will get it soon! Digital checkouts expire quicker than physical book checkouts, and the person who has it cannot keep it past the due date.

Once you check out a book, you’ll see the app offers several features which allow you to easily navigate chapters, bookmark your place within a chapter, and even set a timer in case you fall asleep.

If you have any technical issues, questions, or just need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to ask a librarian for help. We are available in-person and via phone, e-mail, and chat any time the library is open.

-Blog post by Leanne Jernigan, Wanek Center Librarian