Smith Library’s Summer Makeover

You may have noticed that Smith Library has been undergoing a makeover! This summer the HPU Library staff embarked on the final part of a massive project to rearrange the 3rd floor book shelves in Smith Library, putting the items in a more logical order. We have eliminated the middle set of shelves completely, allowing the light to flood in to a whole new study space.

This project began last fall when we removed duplicate copies, old textbooks, worn out or outdated formats, and bound volumes of journals that are represented by perpetual access digital versions in preparation for measuring 4,600 book shelves.  Once that process was completed, the floor was carefully mapped and each shelf of books measured down to the nearest ¼ inch! We used multiple spreadsheets to determine if we had room for our collection after removing 785 individual shelves in the center of the floor. After many adjustments, we determined that if we put 26.5 inches of books on each of the remaining shelves, we would be able to achieve our goal of opening up the center of the floor to allow more seating and easier access to materials.

Before:                                                                      After:


In May, we measured the collection all over again to account for any items returned or added since the initial calculations.  Spreadsheets were adjusted for the last time, and we decided to put 27 inches of books on each shelf to accommodate our collection of print items.  This “breathing room” at the end of each shelf allows us to easily add new books as our collection grows and matures.

On June 18th, the real work began…our library staff, assisted by three movers cleaned all the books on the 3rd floor and shifted the entire 3rd floor collection of over 150,000 items!  The move took nine long days and after the books were shifted and re-set, the center shelving was removed, final adjustments were made, and the new furniture was installed.

See a time lapse video of the move here:

We have added new signage and maps to help navigate the re-arranged floor.

We are so pleased with the changes and we hope you will like them too.

Please visit Smith Library to see our Library Makeover display, take a look at our 3rd floor and let us know what you think.


Alex Frey – Technical Services