Make a Christmas Wish at Smith Library

by HPU Libraries Staff

The holidays are a special time for many reasons. Quality time with family and friends, religious traditions, snow on the ground, and at HPU, our unforgettable Community Christmas are just the beginning. December is a time to reflect on the year you’ve had, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes. It is also a time to look ahead at what you want to accomplish in the year to come; a time of renewed faith, hope, and resolve.

To remind students of this during the stressful exam period, HPU Libraries bring out the humble Wishing Tree–a special Christmas tree it is up to YOU to decorate with your wishes for the holiday season. Located conveniently near the entrance to Smith Library, HPU students, faculty, staff and visitors can pause for a moment to make a wish, decorate a pre-cut paper snowman, star, or tree-shaped ornament, and display it on the tree to inspire those passing by.

It is interesting to watch as themes emerge among the wishes. Understandably, many students are anxious about exams and wish to do well on theirs or wish their peers good luck. Some wish for the sleep or the food they are lacking as a result of final exam stress. Others wish for love, peace on Earth, time with family–traditional Christmas wishes. Some are entirely unique and lift our spirits by making us laugh.


The following are some of our favorite Wishing Tree ornaments from this season and seasons past:

Happy holidays from HPU Libraries!