On Display: Donations to HPU Libraries

Here at HPU Libraries, we often receive donations from faculty, former students, and members of the community. These donations can provide unique materials and help us develop areas of the collection we may not otherwise be able to. In 2018, HPU Libraries processed nearly 1,500 donated items for addition to Smith Library’s collection; in this blog we will highlight just a few of our donations from the past year:


Faculty Donations – We are lucky to receive many wonderful donations from our faculty including a fascinating collection from Dr. Peng Deng. Dr. Deng gifted us a set of dictionaries on Ancient Chinese Civilization as well as many Chinese encyclopedias, and a replica scroll which depicts the Undying Spirit of the Chinese Nation – the original scroll is over 1,000 meters long and weighs four tons, it took eight years and 50 artists and volunteers to produce it! This donated collection is not available for check-out, but can be viewed at Smith Library.



McKinney Collection – Donated by the McKinney family, this large donation group consists primarily of religion and leadership titles. These books cover a wide array of subject matter within their disciplines; they are modern and in excellent condition and have truly expanded our collection in these areas, particularly in leadership and business management, which are always popular subjects. Over the past two years, the McKinney family has donated over 1,000 titles to HPU Libraries! All items in the McKinney Collection are available for check-out at Smith Library.



Darey Collection – Donated in memory of Dr. Mark Darey, a local chemist, this extensive collection of science, mathematics and economics materials has helped develop these areas of our own collection. This donation group consisted of over 400 titles, many focusing on genetics which may be of special interest to our biology majors. Some notable items from this collection include an array of titles by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, and geneticist James D. Watson. All items from the Mark Darey Collection are available for check-out at Smith Library.



Hedberg-Graham Collection – Donated by Anita Hedberg-Graham, this unique collection group has added nearly 500 music CDs, and DVD films, as well as some movies on the old Laser Disc format and a Laser Disc player to our collection. This donation group also helped us develop our John Coltrane music collection. As a son of High Point and one of the best tenor sax players in jazz history, we were very excited to have more of Coltrane’s music, and information about him, available to our patrons.



The Hubisz Collection – Donated by our friend, the late Dr. John Hubisz, this extensive collection includes physics and mathematics texts as well as a number of science fiction titles; in fact, it was Hubisz’s donation that led to the creation of our Science Fiction/Fantasy collection at Smith Library! Hubisz’s donations also include the Isaac Asimov collection; which comprises nearly everything Isaac Asimov has written or edited. To view the Asimov collection, ask your HPU Librarian.




To find full lists of donation groups in the catalog, simply search the name of the person who donated and narrow results to HPU Libraries as seen here; you can also find a list of our larger donations here or you can ask your HPU Librarian to help you. You can also stop by the library and browse the display on the main floor:

We are so grateful to everyone who donates materials to HPU Libraries! If you are interested in donating items, please see our donation policy.

Alex Frey – Technical Services