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Be a Lifelong Learner: Take the 14-day Learn Harder Challenge!

If someone asked you “what are you learning in college?” you may respond with ‘subject knowledge’ or ‘writing skills,’ or ‘making coffee without a coffee maker.’ Can a college education help you fix your car? Manage your money? Learn a new skill, like playing piano? In fact, it can—by teaching you how to ask questions, […]

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Film Society: Fall 2016 Films

The Film Society meets every Wednesday at 7:00pm in Smith Library Lecture Room 2, to watch films, discuss, and enrich our understanding of history, culture, and art through the lens of cinema’s greatest storytellers. All HPU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend. This semester we have a number of entertaining and culturally significant […]

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HPU Libraries Film Society

Interested in film? Come join the HPU Libraries Film Society every Thursday night at 7:00pm to watch and discuss films with fellow students who appreciate cinema. The Film Society hopes to provide the students of High Point University a chance to meet regularly, watch films, discuss them, and enrich their understanding of history, culture and […]

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