Library Media Policies

Located on the first floor of Smith Library, the Media & Digital Services department includes the following facilities:

Media Library The Media Library houses the instructional media and feature films on DVDs and videos, as well as sound recordings of music, speeches, and sound effects.
Media Lab The lab provides resources for patrons to create multimedia materials for class-related instruction and presentation. It houses computers, scanners, digital video-editing, sound-editing, and photo-editing facilities, and viewing and listening equipment.
Printing Services Printing Services provides high quality printing of photographs and posters, dry mounts, and lamination. Please see the Media Services Price List above for pricing of printing services.
Digitization Services Digitization services will perform analog to digital scanning projects, including slide and archival print scanning, VHS to DVD conversion, digital DVD clip creation, BiblioBoard digital anthology creation, and more.

Media Policies:

Important Media Rules:

  • Your print request will be completed in 24 hours, with no exceptions for rush jobs.
  • You pay for your print order upon pick up with your Passport General Funds or department budget number (NEW).
  • You may check out media equipment for 24 hours. If you are late, you will be fined $5 a day.
  • You may check out 3 DVDs for 3 days, with no opportunities for renewals.
  • If you lose or damage a DVD, you will be charged the replacement cost for a DVD.
  • If you keep out a DVD until it is long overdue, you will be charged a $5 reprocessing fee (NEW).