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HPU Libraries Printing Services will print high quality print jobs for academic, course-related purposes only on matte, photo, and glossy poster paper, as well as provide laminating services.  We have the right to refuse printing services of personal print jobs, as well as the printing of inappropriate materials. 

Printing services cost money and is an order system of filling out an online digital printing form.  The orders are performed on a first come first serve basis and we ask for at least 24 business hours notice for all printing jobs.  Due to other library staff duties, there are no rush jobs available.

For more information about printing services, please read our Media Services Policy  and the Printing Price List.  

There is free color printing on regular 8.5×11″ paper located on the first floor of Smith Library, limited to 10 sheets.  For orders of color printing more than 10 sheets (such as for an event)  please contact the Print Shop in Roberts Hall.  

For all other print jobs, including  bulk printing, double-sided printing, decorative or non-academic printing, advertising and signage, please visit the Roberts Hall Print Shop website to submit your files. You may reach the Print Shop by telephone at (336) 841-9258 or by email to Marilyn Myers ( or The Print Shop maintains regular weekday business hours, and a full printing staff.  Please see the table below for difference in service and price between the HPU Library Printing and the Roberts Hall Print shop. 


HPU Libraries Printing:Unit PriceRoberts Hall Printing:Unit Price
Color Copies (8.5x11”)20 ¢Color Copies (8.5x11”)15 ¢
Matte Prints (up to 13x19” – no posters)$2.008.5x11” Matte Print15 ¢
8.5x11” Photo Print$2.008.5x11” Photo Print15 ¢
11x17" Photo Print$5.00
13x19" Photo Print$7.00
17x22" Photo Print$8.00
Glossy Poster - Small (<22x34")$5.00
Glossy Poster - Medium (~24x36”) $10.00Matte Poster (24x36”) $10.00
Glossy Poster - Large (>24x36” up to 36x48"); width can be no more than 36"$15.00Matte Poster Large (>24x36”); width can be no longer than 36"$15.00
Glossy Poster - Very Large (>36x48" up to 36x70")$20.00
Laminating (>8.5x11”)50 ¢ per page/footLaminating (8.5x11”)50 ¢ per page
Phone ext. 9103
Phone ext. 9258


HPU Libraries printing of 8.5×11” paper is more expensive because our paper is thicker than Roberts Hall.  Roberts Hall prints posters on matte paper, whereas HPU Libraries prints posters on glossy.  Roberts Hall also provides services for making booklets and flyers.  HPU Libraries provides dry mounting services (laminating posters on boards).  Roberts Hall also prints department orders for events, including sports teams.

When picking up prints, you have to pay upon arrival using your Passport general account.  No other forms of payment are accepted for printing jobs.  Department printing jobs need to provide a department number or faculty consent.

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