My Library Account

My Library Account allows you to:

• Review Your Account
• Renew Materials
• Put an Item on Hold
• Change Your Password
• Change Your Address

To log in for the first time:

  • Go to My Library Account.
  • Click on “Set/Reset Password.”
  • Enter your HPU email/Blackboard username (without “”).
  • You will receive an email in your HPU email account with instructions to set your password. You can make it the same as your HPU email password as long as it includes both letters and numbers.
  • You will then be able to log in and manage your account.
  • Watch a video tutorial on accessing My Library Account.

My Account Page Guide

Items checked out to this account:

This is a list of items that are checked out by the library card number that is currently logged in.

To Renew an Item:

1. Click in the box next to the item to be renewed.
2. Click the Renew Items button. The library will automatically update the item with the new due date.

Fees/Fines due for this account:

This is a list of the money owed by the library card member that is currently logged in. Fines are assessed AFTER the return of overdue items. Replacement costs are assessed after an item has been overdue for an extended amount of time.

Titles on request by this account:

This is a list of titles that are on request by the library card number that is currently logged in. Requests may only be entered by Library supervisors. You may get assistance from the Circulation Desk or the Reference Desk.

To cancel a request:

1. Click in the radio button next to the request to be cancelled.
2. Click the Cancel Request button. Requests that are not committed may be cancelled.

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Text Us: (336) 289-9974

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