Resources A-Z

Resource NameSubject
ABC-Clio ebook Collection via NCLiveebooks, books, primary sources, literary criticism, biographies
ABI/Inform Collection on ProQuest via NCLivebusiness, nonprofit, management, economics, industry
Academic ASAP on InfoTrac general, english, science, business, history, arts
Academic OneFile on InfoTracgeneral, english, science, business, history, arts
Access Medicinemedicine, books, health sciences, textbooks, drug database
Access Pharmacypharmacy, books, medicine, health sciences, textbooks, drug database
Access Science via NCLivebiology, chemistry, drug, medicine, science
ACS - American Chemical Society - Journalschemistry, engineering, science
ACS -American Chemical Society - Style Guidecitations, American Chemical Society Style
African American Poetry -- 1750-1900 Collection from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveEnglish, poetry, literature, biographies, writers, authors
African American Poetry -- 20th Century from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveEnglish, poetry, literature, biographies, writers, authors
AMA Manual of Stylecitations, medicine, health sciences, textbooks, drug database
American Methodism Archivereligion, history, sermons, theology
American Poetry -- 1600-1900 from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveEnglish, poetry, literature, biographies, writers, authors
American Poetry -- 20th Century from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveEnglish, poetry, literature, biographies, writers, authors
Artemis Literary SourcesEnglish, literature
Article First on FirstSearchgeneral, english, science, business, history, arts, directory
Artstorart, images, design, fashion, architecture, galleries, museums, interior design
Audiobooks on EBSCOaudiobooks, books
AVON (Academic Video Online from Alexander Street Press)streaming video, film, education, documentaries
Axis 360 ebook Collectionebooks, books, leisure reading, history, humor, fiction, nonfiction
Beige Book (Report of the Federal Reserve Board)business, economics, government
BiblioBoard Anthologies books, ebooks, history, primary sources, digital humanities, English, arts, pop culture
Bills from the NC General Assembly via NCLivegovernment, North Carolina
Biology Database in ProQuest via NCLivebiology
Brill Journals on Ingenta religion, language, global studies, biology
British Pamphlet Series history, commerce, economics, politics, religion, sociology
Business Expert Pressbusiness, ebooks, economics, marketing, management, industry
Business Insightsbusiness, companies, finance
Business Link North Carolina via NCLivebusiness, finance, North Carolina
Business Market Research Collection in ProQuest via NCLivebusiness, companies, finance, industry
Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opportunitiesdirectory, publication guide, publishing
Cambridge Companions to Music music, ebooks, books, history,
CAMIO (Catalog of Art Museums) at OCLC via NCLiveart, images, sculpture, museums, galleries, collections
Canadian Newsstream in ProQuest via NCLivenewspapers
ChemIDplus Advanced - Chemical Substance Information chemistry, drugs, genetics, Toxnet
Chicago Manual of Style Onlinecitations, Chicago Manual of Style
Child Development & Adolescent Studies education, psychology, sociology, pedagogy
Christian Science Monitor (1988-current)newspaper, independent news, primary sources
Chronicle of Higher Education education, newspaper, professional development
CIA World Factbook global studies, history, government, maps
CINAHL Plus with Full Text on Ebsconursing, health sciences, medicine
Clinical Trialshealth sciences, clinical trials, pharmaceutical
Communication & Mass Media Complete on EBSCOcommunications, media, marketing
Communication Theory Encyclopedia from Sagecommunications, theorists, theories, communication theories
Computer Database from Infotraccomputer science, technology, software
Computing Database in ProQuest via NCLivecomputer science
Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Researcher on NCLivecurrent events, government, Congress
Congressional Quarterly (CQ) Weekly on NCLivecurrent events, government, Congress, politics
Criminal Justice Abstracts (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)criminal justice, law, current issues, current events
Criminal Justice Database in ProQuest via NCLivecriminal justice
Criminal Justice Statistics criminal justice, statistics, current issues, current events
CRL - Center for Research Libraries history, newspapers, primary sources
CSE Scientific Style Manualcitations, Scientific Style and Format Manual
DailyMed - Pharmaceutical Informationbiology, drug, health sciences, medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical
DigitalNC via NCLivearchives, North Carolina
Dissertations on FirstSearchdissertations, theses, international, abstracts
ebooks on FirstSearchebooks, fiction, nonfiction
ebrary via NCLiveebooks, fiction, nonfiction, books
EBSCO ebooks ebooks, books, fiction, nonfiction
ECO on FirstSearchgeneral, english, science, business, history, arts
Ecology, Evolution & Systematics - Annual Reviews Onlineecology, evolutionary biology, physics, health sciences, engineering
Education Database on ProQuest via NCLiveeducation, teaching, pedagogy
Education Law in NCeducation, law, North Carolina
Educational Administration Abstracts education, elementary, middle school, high school, college, pedagogy
English Poetry -- 600-1900 from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveEnglish, poetry, literature, authors, writers
English Poetry -- 20th Century from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveEnglish, poetry, literature, authors, writers, Shakespeare
Entrepreneurship Database in ProQuest via NCLiveentrepreneurship, business
Environmental Science Collection in ProQuest via NCLivebiology, environmental science, ecology
ERIC education, teaching, pedagogy
ERIC on FirstSearcheducation, teaching, pedagogy, directory
Family & Society Studies Worldwideglobal studies, sociology
FBI Uniform Crime Reports criminal justice, statistics, biometrics, investigations
Films for the Humanities (FFH) -- Films on Demand via NCLivestreaming video, film, education, documentaries
Flipster - Kiplinger's Personal FinanceFlipster, magazines, Kiplingers, journals
Flipster - Time MagazineFlipster, magazines, Time, journals
Gender Studies on EBSCOwomen's and gender studies
Encyclopedia of Global Changeglobal studies, environment, politics, current issues
Global Issues in Contextglobal studies, environment, politics, current issues
Google Scholar general, english, science, business, history, arts
Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art & Architecture art, architecture, images, visual arts, artists, criticism
Grove Music Online music, encyclopedia, Oxford Companion to Music, biographies, musicians
Guidestar Charity and Nonprofit Directorynonprofits, management, charities, philanthropy
HathiTrust Digital Library digital humanities, archive, history, primary sources, images
Health & Medical Collection in ProQuest via NCLivehealth sciences, medicine
Health Finder via NCLivehealth sciences, medicine
Health Reference Center Academic on Infotrachealth sciences, medicine, pharmaceuticals
HeritageQuest Online via NCLive genealogy, archive, history, census, Freedman's Bank
Historical Statistics of the United States history, statistics, quantitative data
Home Grown ebooks Collection via NC Liveebooks
Humanities, Social Issues and Religionshumanities, social sciences, religion, theology
International Encyclopedia of Media Studies communication, media, communication theories, theorists
Human Resources Abstractshuman resources, business, management
Independent Voices - Alternative press newspapers, alternative press, communication
IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) Source language, linguistics, translations, operas, poetry, music, scores, theater
International Journal of Volunteer Administration nonprofit, management, volunteerism, philanthropy
International Statistics Sources by Countryglobal studies, statistics, quantitative data
JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association medicine, health sciences, pharmaceuticals
general, english, science, business, history, arts, journals
Kanopy Streaming streaming video, film
Karger Journals journal, journals, health, medicine
Learning Express Library - Online Test Prep via NCLivetest prep, GRE, GMAT, MCAT
LegalTrac on InfoTraclaw reviews, legal
Lexicomp in UpToDate and UpToDate Anywherehealth sciences, medicine, drug, medical, pharmacy
LexisNexis Academic newspapers, business, company research, law, current events
Liebert Onlinebiology, life sciences, ebooks, law, philanthropy, technology
LIFE Magazine Image Archive images, history, archives, primary sources
LINC (Log Into North Carolina) - Census and local dataNorth Carolina, statistics, quantitative data
Literary Index literature, literary criticism, English, bibliographies
Literature Resource Center via NCLiveliterature, english
MathSciNetmathematics, computer science, technology
MathSciNet via EBSCOhostmathematics, computer science, technology
MEDLINE on FirstSearchhealth science, medicine
MedLinePlus via NCLivehealth science, medicine
MedLinePlus Drugs & Supplements via NCLivehealth science, medicine, pharmaceuticals
Merck Manual Home Edition via NCLivehealth science, medicine
MicroMedexhealth sciences, medicine, drugs, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals, chemistry
MLA Bibliography on EBSCO with Linked Full Textliterature, literary criticism, language, English, global studies
MorningStar Stocks and Mutual Funds Guide via NCLivebusiness, finance, entrepreneurship, company research, markets, portfolios, investing
MyiLibrary Full Text ebooks via NCLiveebooks, books, history, literature, health sciences, technology
NBER - National Bureau of Economic Researcheconomics, finance, industry, NBER, policy
Natural Medicineshealth science, medicine, pharmaceuticals
Naxos Digital Music Library music, streaming audio, composers, musicians, biographies
NCLive Website and Content AccessNCLive
New York Times on ProQuest via NCLivenewspaper, archive, history, primary sources
New York Times Historical newspaper, history, archive, primary sources
Newspaper Archivenewspaper, archive, history, primary sources
Newspapers on ProQuestnewspaper, archive, history, primary sources
Newsstand on InfoTracnewspaper, archive, history, primary sources
NC ECHO via NCLivegenealogy, archives, history, North Carolina
NC Public Schools Statistical Profile via NCLiveeducation, pedagogy, schools, North Carolina
North American Women's Letters and Diaries via NCLivearchive, history, women's and gender studies, primary sources, biographies
North Carolina General StatutesNorth Carolina, law, statutes
North Carolina Periodicals IndexNorth Carolina, index
OAIster via NCLive
biography, history
Occupational Outlook Handbook via NCLivecareers, jobs, test-prep
OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)economics, global studies, sociology, environmental studies
OneClick Digital Audiobooks audiobooks, fiction, nonfiction
OneSourcebusiness, management
Open Library ebooksebooks, books, history, archives, classics, fiction, nonfiction
Opposing Viewpointstopics, controversial issues, current events, current issues
Orchestral Music Onlineoperas, poetry, music, scores, theater
Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing literature, English, writing, writers, authors
Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales literature, English, writing, writers, authors
Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Churchreligion, dictionary, Christianity, theology
Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religionreligion, Judaism, dictionary, theology
Oxford Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual Historypopular culture, history, encyclopedia
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World religion, Islam, encyclopedia, theology, biographies
OED - Oxford English Dictionarylanguage, English, dictionary, reference, linguistics
Oxford Essential Quotationsquotations, reference
Oxford Islamic Studies Online religion, Islam, theology, biographies
Oxford Music Onlinemusic, biographies, Oxford Companion to Music
Oxford Reference via NCLivepopular culture, history, encyclopedia
PEDRO - Physiotherapy Evidence Databasehealth sciences, medicine, exercise science
Plant Biology - Annual Reviews Onlinebiology, life sciences, earth sciences
Poetry Library at Faber from Chadwyck-Healey via NCLiveenglish, poetry, literature, authors, writers, biographies
Political Science Database in ProQuest via NCLivepolitical science
Project Gutenbergebooks, books, history
Pronunciator - 80 languages via NCLivelanguage
ProQuest Central via NCLivegeneral, english, science, business, history, arts, articles, journals, magazines
PsycALL Search via EBSCOpsychology, behavioral science, mental health, PsycArticles, PsycInfo, PsycTests
PsycARTICLE Search via EBSCO psychology, behavioral science, mental health
PsycINFO via EBSCOpsychology, behavioral science, mental health
PsycTESTSpsychology, behavioral science, mental health
Psychology - Annual Reviews Onlinepsychology, behavioral science, mental health
PubChemhealth sciences, biology, chemistry
PubMed (HPU-specific link)health sciences, medicine, exercise science, MEDLINE, MeSH
PubMedCentral - Fulltext Medical Articlesbiology, health sciences, medicine
R2 Digital Libraryhealth sciences, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, ebooks
Reference USA via NCLivebusiness, company research, industry, corporations
Religion Database in ProQuest via NCLivereligion, theology
Research Library from ProQuest via NCLivegeneral, english, science, business, history, arts
RMA Annual Statement Studiesbusiness, industry, finance, economics
Sage Journalsgeneral, english, science, business, history, arts, ebooks
Sanborn Maps of North Carolina via NCLivemaps, histor y, primary sources, North Carolina
Science in Context in Gale via NCLivesciences, social sciences, life sciences
Science in ProQuest via NCLivesciences, social sciences, life sciences
ScienceDirectsciences, social sciences, life sciences
SciFinder Account Loginscience, chemistry, pharmacy
SimplyMap via NCLive - create or use guest accountgeography, marketing, statistics, data, maps, business
SIRS Topic Search via NCLivecurrent issues
Social Science Research Networksocial sciences, dissertations, sociology, psychology
Sociology - Annual Reviews Onlinesociology, social science, social work, current issues
Sociology Database in ProQuest via NCLivesociology, social science, dissertations
SportDiscus with Fulltextexercise science, physical education, sports marketing, engineering
Sports Business Researchbusiness, sports marketing, physical education
Springer ebook collectiongeneral, english, science, business, history, arts, ebooks
Springer Journal collection general, english, science, business, history, arts, ebooks, arts, sciences
Statista Marketing Data Websitebusiness, statistics, marketing, communications
Statistical Abstracts of the United States 1878-2006history, statistics, business, economics, education, maps
Statistical Abstracts of the United States on ProQuest via NCLivehistory, statistics, business, economics, education, maps, national
Swank Streaming Popular Moviesfilm, movies, streaming
Taylor & Francis eBookscommunication, ebooks, events, history
Taylor & Francis Journals architecture, general, ebooks, history, psychology, social sciences, natural sciences
Teacher Reference Centereducation, teaching, teachers, pedagogy
TOXNEThealth sciences, environmental health, toxicology
UpToDate health sciences, medicine, medical, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals
US Newsstream in ProQuest via NCLivenewspaper, archive
Video Collection at NCLivestreaming video, history, arts, biographies, current issues
Virtual Reference Library from Galereference, ebooks, biography
Wall Street Journal from NCLivenewspaper, business, stock market, primary sources
Washington Postnewspaper, primary sources
Wiley Blackwell Journal Collectiongeneral, english, science, business, history, arts, ebooks, books, manuals, science
WorldCat on FirstSearchgeneral, english, science, business, history, arts, catalog search, library catalog

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