Tutorial Link & TitleSubject
Basic searching in the library catalog (WorldCat Local)Basic Search, Library Catalog, WorldCat Local
My Library AccountMy Library Account
Place a hold on an item in the library catalog (WorldCat Local)Hold Items, Library Catalog, Library Account
Find your Course Reserves on the library websiteCourse Reserves, Library Reserves, E-Reserves
Find Full-Text through Journal FinderFull-Text articles, Journal Finder
Create a CitationCitations
iMovie Troubleshooting: Recognizing Camera, Audio, and Video Sync Issues, and Importing FootageiMovie, Sync Issues, Importing Footage
Powerpoint: Research Poster CreationPowerPoint, Research Poster
InDesign: Introduction to Poster MakingInDesign, Research Poster
Photoshop: Sizing images & PostersPhotoshop; Image Sizing
Keynote: Poster DesignKeynote, Research Poster
Inserting Audio and Video into Microsoft PowerPointPowerPoint, Audio, Video
Converting Keynote to QuicktimeKeynote, QuickTime Conversion
Powerpoint: Inserting Audio and VideoPowerPoint, Audio & Video
Audacity: Recording and Editing AudioAudacity, Audio Editing
YouTube: Settings, Uploading, Editing, and EmbeddingYouTube, Settings, Editing & Embedding
iMovie Green ScreeniMovie, Green Screen
Jing: Capturing Images/Videos from the Internet and ComputerJing, Capturing Images & Video
Prezi: an IntroductionPrezi, Presentations
Evernote: Online Note ToolEvernote, Note-taking
Photoshop CS6 Basics: Transparent BackgroundsPhotoshop
Photoshop CS6 Basics: Combining ImagesPhotoshop
Photoshop CS6 Basics: Creating Black and White ImagesPhotoshop
Photoshop CS6 Basics: Straighten and Crop ImagesPhotoshop

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