Math & Computer Science Department B.S. Computer Science Degree Requirements

Requirements for a B.S. in Computer Science


  • All majors must take the following courses:
    CSC 1710 Introduction to Programming
    CSC 1720 Advanced Programming with Data Structures
    CSC 2710 Advanced Data Structures with Algorithm Development
    CSC 3310 Theory of Computation
    CSC 3410 Assembly Language and Architecture
    CSC 4210 Operating Systems
    CSC 4510 Programming Language Design and Translation
    MTH 1410 Calculus I
    MTH 1420 Calculus II
    MTH 2210 Introduction to Mathematical Thought
    MTH 2310 Linear Algebra


  • Select three electives from the list below:
    CSC 3360 Visual Effects, Animation and Computer Graphics I
    CSC 3460 Networking and Network Programming
    CSC 3710 Software Design and Engineering
    CSC 3910 Numerical Methods
    CSC 4310 High Performance Computing
    CSC 4360 Visual Effects, Animation and Computer Graphics II


  • In addition, all computer science majors must take one of the following sequences of science courses:
    BIO 1399 and 2110,2120 or 2139
    CHM 1510 and 1511 or CHM 1520 and 1521
    PHY 2010 and 2020


  • Departmental Honors option: Must take CSC 4910/4920Undergraduate Research I/II

Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.