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Welcome to Department of Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Department offers majors and minors in French and Francophone studies, Spanish, and several levels of instruction in Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian. The department also offers the business language courses in Chinese, French and Spanish needed for completion of the major in international business as well as certificate programs in French Language and in Business French. Additionally, the department offers foreign language courses to complement the major in International Relations and the Spanish courses needed for the minor in Latin American Studies. The department also offers the core of Spanish courses needed for K-12 certification.The language ability and cross-cultural awareness of Americans are of vital concern to American higher education. They are essential to the growing influence and ever- deepening involvement of this country in world affairs.


The principal goals of the Modern Foreign Languages Department are:

  1. to help students develop an awareness of and a respect for other cultures
  2. to foster tolerance for cultural differences
  3. to encourage students to expand their thinking process
  4. to foster creativity
  5. to enhance the student’ linguistic and cultural skills
  6. to help students improve their communication skills
  7. to help students understand the value of language study as a vehicle for learning in a variety of areas
  8. to help students become aware of career options involving active use of foreign language in such fields as teaching, international business, international studies, communications, science, the arts, etc.