Modern Foreign Language B.A. Spanish Degree Requirements

B.A. Spanish Degree Requirements

Requirements for a B.A. in Spanish (39 credits):

  • Core:
    SPN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
    SPN 2130 Hispanic Cultures: Intermediate Readings and Conversation
    SPN 2140 Grammar Review (2 credits)
    SPN 2090 Pronunciation
    SPN 3000 Advanced Conversation
    SPN 4010 Advanced Grammar and Composition
    SPN 4990 Senior Seminar
    SPN 3030 Spanish Culture and Civilization or SPN 3040 Spanish-American Culture and Civilization
  • One course selected from:
    SPN 3050 Hispanic World Today
    SPN 3150 Hispanic Culture through Film
    SPN 2881 Special Topics in Culture and Language
  • One course selected from:
    SPN 3020 Contemporary Hispanic Literatures
    SPN 3060 Hispanic Short Story
    SPN 3230 Literary Genre in Latin American Literature
    SPN 3881 Special Topics in Literature
  • One course selected from:
    SPN 3210 SPN Lit I: The Birth of the Spanish Nation
    SPN 3220 SPN Lit II: Centrism and Diversity in Contemporary Writers
    SPN 3240 SPN-American Lit I: In Search of an Identity
    SPN 3250 SPN-American Lit II: Voices of the Writers
    SPN 3260 Caribbean Literature: Images of a Region
  • Note: The major requires 35 credits if a student begins at a level higher than SPN 2020.


Students will be advised in electing additional courses that will complement their career goals.