Stout School of Education
Middle Grades Education

What Makes Our Programs Unique?

Freshman Year Experience


Every student who majors in education has the opportunity to spend one hour each week in a classroom at the grade level he/she intends to teach.  Introduction to Teaching (Education 1200) is a one-credit field experience designed specifically for freshmen who have declared education as a major or are considering a career in teaching.

Education 1200 provides students with direct experiences in classrooms early in their program of study.  Students can observe, assist teachers and work with small groups of children to gain first-hand experience about the teaching profession.  On-campus seminars provide new majors with critical information on teaching requirements, expectations and student organizations. Seminars are also structured to allow freshmen to meet other education majors who will share information on our student organizations and School of Education upcoming events.

New students love Education 1200.  Comments from those who have completed this course include:

“I think the biggest strength for this course is the ability we have to teach and experience what we are majoring in”.

“I learned more about what to expect in a classroom. I got to go work in an elementary school and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I think it’s a great opportunity to confirm whether or not I wanted to be a teacher”.

“This was one of the best classes of my semester. Through this class I now know that I definitely want to be an Art Education Major”.

“This course is a great introduction to the teaching program here at HPU. Dr. Holder is very enthusiastic and a great resource for any student pursuing teaching as a career”.

“Great course.  Loved it and it offered me great experiences i will never forget”

“I loved this class and it confirmed that I wanted to be a teacher!”

“I loved this course! Fave course of the year!”

A Commitment to 21st Century Technology

Today’s teachers must be well prepared to use the latest 21st century technologies in their classroom. Student majoring in education begin taking technology courses in sophomore year with their first course called Introduction to Technology. In this course students learn about Digital Ethics, the ActivBoard, and the use of technology in rubric and lesson design. In junior year, a second technology course called Technology for Teachers will introduce students to Web 2.0 technologies including blogs, wikis, and podcasts as well as the SmartBoard and iPad. As students begin their upper-level methodology courses, technology becomes even more important through a course designed to enable students to integrate and infuse technology into lesson planning called Technology Integration. Finally, all students enrolled in student teaching will take their final technology course called Using Technology to Integrate Assessment. Students will actually use this course to assist them in using technology to conduct formative and summative data analyses in their own student teaching classroom!

(Special Note: None of our four technology courses require textbooks. Instead, upon admission to the teacher education program, students are strongly encouraged to purchase an iPad which will be used in all technology courses and during Internship I and II. Through a partnership with the Office of Information Technology (IT), the School of Education does offer students the opportunity to check-out an iPad for use during their program of study).