Multicultural Affairs

Diversity Education


Multicultural Affairs offers a range of cultural engagement trainings that equip our campus community with useful tools to develop cultural competency skills that are necessary for navigating our global world. These skills include but are not limited to, self-awareness, valuing diversity, understanding systems of power and privilege, language, sensitivity, cross-cultural communication, micro aggressions, civil discourse, creating safe and brave spaces and social responsibility.

The following training sessions are currently available for student, faculty or staff to request for their organizations, classrooms or deparments:

  • The What and Why of Multicultural Affairs at HPU (30-45 minutes): This session engages participants in being active partners in building an inclusive community at HPU. Participants will be introduced to the multiple dimensions of one’s identity and the need for cultural awareness while in community with one another.
  • It Starts with “I”: The Intent and Impact of Microaggressions (60 minutes): This sessions explores the impact of verbal and non-verbal behaviors, whether intentional or unintentional, that create negative, hostile or offensive environments. Participants will learn how to identify, process and interrupt/respond to microaggressions.
  • Safe Zone Training (varies to fit needs): This session offers basic level LGBTQ/Ally training. Participants will become knowledgeable of core vocabulary, address fear toward LGBTQ identity and individuals, examine privilege and learn how to be an ally.

Each of the listed trainings can be customized to fit your specific needs and can be requested using our Training Request Form.

Leadership Development

Multicultural Affairs sponsors students throughout the academic year to attend local, regional and national conferences/events designed to develop student leaders as agents of cultural awareness, engagement, justice and change. Students are empowered to bring back relevant information and best practices make a positive impact on multicultural life on our campus.

Academic Courses

The scholarly life at High Point University is a key component to embracing matters of diversity, inclusion, and equity, for it is in the classroom and through the academic coursework that students learn about the historical, analytic, and theoretical differences of varying cultures, languages, and people. No matter what major students are studying, they have countless opportunities across the curriculum—whether it’s a multi-ethnic literature course, a Buddhist religion course, a biology of women course, a women’s and gender studies course, a Japanese pop culture course, an African history course, to name just a few—to be challenged and exposed to a wide array of worldviews and philosophies.