Multicultural Affairs

Programs and Events

Multicultural Affairs plans, coordinates, and hosts interactive events to engage our campus community around the central themes of identity, culture, heritage, differences, justice and service. Our cross-departmental and campus partnerships help us infuse a diversity of disciplines and expertise into our programs and events.

Cultural Awareness Weeks

As an institution, we believe in celebrating and acknowledging the contributions of cultural groups to our campus and to our world.  During the year, we seek to bring awareness to the following heritages, cultures, and identities. A wide array of activities such as film screenings, meals, panel discussion, and service projects are sponsored by Multicultural Affairs in conjunction with our student organizations,  campus partners, academic departments, and community organizations.

Latinx Heritage Awareness Week

September 21-25, 2020

Accessibility Awareness Week

October 5-9, 2020

LGBTQ+ Awareness Week

October 26-30, 2020

Native American Heritage Awareness Week

November 16-20, 2020

HPUnity Week

January 25-29, 2021

Black/African American Heritage Awareness Week

February 15-20, 2021

Women’s Empowerment Week

March 22-26, 2021

Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Awareness Week

April 12-16, 2021


 (Un)Common Grounds

Each semester, Multicultural Affairs facilitates a monthly dialogue program designed to invite challenging and transformative conversations on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability. This space is an opportunity for participants to explore their own cultural identity, understand the experiences of others, critically examine social systems and actively work towards a more just world. Conversations are moderated by faculty, staff, and community leaders that are able to bring unique perspectives to each discussion.