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Voice Audition Requirements

Voice performance requirements are as follows:
  1. Vocalists should perform 2 art songs in contrasting style from memory. If you need clarification on this, Dr. Scott R. MacLeod, Assistant Professor of Music, or Dr. Foster, Chair of the Department of Music would be happy to consult with you. Also, if you have a voice teacher or choir leader, they should be able to give you some guidance.
  2. If you also have a musical theatre or pop piece you would like to sing, that would be great – something that shows your voice and your passions.
  3. If you audition in person, we will provide the accompanist. We will allow for warm-up and rehearsal time prior to the actual audition. Please send your music in advance.
  4. If you plan on doing a YouTube, DVD, or Skype audition, use live accompaniment (no pre-recorded music, please). Please make sure we can see you from the waist up.
  5. Please bring a brief “resumé” of your musical accomplishments and a headshot or bio photo. (this helps us remember you when we’re awarding scholarship money)
  6. At the end of the audition we will ask you to step out of the room and the professors will discuss your acceptance into the program. We will let you know at that time whether you have been accepted or not.
  7. Scholarship offers are extended in late February or early March. The scholarship offer will come from the admissions office.


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