Office of Accessibility Resources and Services


Welcome to High Point University where we are committed to providing students with disabilities equal access to their college education and university life. We will help advocate for students by providing and coordinating appropriate accommodations for qualified students.

High Point University will not discriminate in the recruitment, admission, educational process or treatment of students with disabilities. In making reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, the University will consider educational modifications, housing accommodations, architectural barriers, and other services available to all students.

At the beginning of each term, a student must request their accommodation letters for faculty, staff and campus officials. The student will deliver the accommodation letters in a timely manner prior to the need for the accommodation. Accommodations are not retroactive, so students are encouraged to request accommodation letters the first week of classes. Accommodations are in place only after the student notifies the instructor and discusses arrangements to be made.

*Accommodations approved by the University will be made available at no cost to the student.

Dana Bright M. Ed.
Director, Office of Accessibility Resources and Services
Phone (336) 841-9361
Fax (336) 841-9652

Kim Pope, M.Ed.
Office of Accessibility Resources and Services Accessibility Specialist
Phone: (336) 841-9593
Fax (336) 841-9652

Anna M. Ventrone
Office of Accessibility Resources and Services Testing Coordinator and Technology Associate
Phone: (336) 841-9441
Fax (336) 841-9652


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