Office of Accessibility Resources and Services

Foreign Language Requirement

Foreign Language  

General Education requirements at High Point University include the completion of one foreign language class at the 1020 level or higher.  American Sign Language is the only language that will not fulfill the foreign language requirement.

To receive a foreign language substitution, a student must qualify for and be approved by the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services.  Students who wish to apply for a foreign language substitution may indicate this on the Academic Accommodation Form.  Foreign language substitutions must be specifically requested by the student as course substitutions do not come automatically.

While each request is decided on a case-by-case basis, the OARS committee considers the following aspects combined for approval.

  • If a student’s primary diagnosis/learning difference is language-based, the committee will consider a substitution.
  • If a student was waived from a foreign language requirement in high school, the committee will consider a substitution.
  • If a student’s grade in a high school foreign language was a C- or higher, he or she would not likely be eligible for a substitution at HPU as the grades are an indication of the ability to acquire a foreign language.
  • For a student who is currently attending a foreign language course at HPU, the committee will request a statement from the foreign language instructor.

Foreign language substitution decisions will be sent to the student via email.