Office of Accessibility Resources and Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The OARS Office has compiled some questions we get asked along the way of applying for accommodations. If you have any further questions or need clarification, feel free to reach out to a member of our OARS team, and they will be happy to assist you. We can be reached at or 336-841-9026

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*Please know, if you are applying for accommodations and are not on High Point University internet, your students username and password will be required.*

1.How do I request academic accommodations for the first time?

* Instructions on how to request accommodations are on the OARS Academic Accommodations page. On this page you may:

Fill out the Academic Accommodation Intake form

Send diagnostic documentation that verifies a learning difference and/or other diagnosis to our department.


2. How will I know that my accommodation is approved?

Once the Academic Accommodation Intake form and verifying documentation is received, OARS reviews each request to determine appropriate reasonable accommodation(s). You will be notified the accommodation(s) you are approved for via your High Point University email.


3. I have approved accommodations through OARS, how do I notify my professors that I have accommodations? 

Each semester you choosing to use your accommodation(s), you must request that your accommodation letter be sent to your professors. You will have the options of OARS emailing your letter to your professor, or you may request a hard copy of your letter so that you may hand deliver it to each professor.  


4. I took Sign Language in high school, do I have to take foreign language in college? All students are required to take foreign language 1020. Only students with documented disabilities are eligible for a foreign language substitution.  To be considered for a foreign language substitution, students must submit the following:

  • Fill out the Academic Accommodation Intake form
  • Send in your most recent psychoeducational or Neuropsychiatric test results

5. How current must my testing/diagnostic documentation be to be approved for academic accommodations?


6. I want to bring my pet and register it as an ESA. How do I do this?

Students who require an Emotional Support Animal due to a disability must go through an approval process, just like students who apply for an academic or housing accommodation.  To apply for an ESA, students must

Students who bring/keep pets on campus that are NOT Service Animals or approved ESA’s, will be fined each day the animal is present on campus.  Students should NOT bring animals on campus and assume they will be approved.

7. I am not getting my accommodations like I thought I would (ex. A student who had the accommodation of “access to professor notes” assumed their professor would just give them the notes each class session). What do I do?

  • Certain accommodations require the student to initiate a conversation with the instructor to work out how, when, etc. The responsibility of utilizing accommodations rests on the student. OARS is here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.


8. I have testing accommodations, how do I use them?

  • Students must complete the online testing accommodations request at least 3 business days before the exam date. Students must also inform the instructor that he/she will be using test accommodations for a specific exam. If students do not follow the above protocol, he/she may not be able to utilize their test accommodations in the testing center located in Smith Library.


9. I sent in a test request form 2 days before my exam and I was told that OARS would be unable to host my exam.  What does this mean and why can’t I use my accommodations? 

  • As stated on the OARS website, test requests must be made at least 3 business days in advance. If OARS cannot host your test, this means that you must see if your professor can host your exam and allow you to have your accommodation(s) OR if you can take the exam with OARS at a differentay/time.  The instructor MUST provide their permission in writing to Anna Ventrone.


10. I have approved accommodations, but I forgot to request my letter be sent out to my professors. I want my letter sent now; will I get to use my accommodations for the weeks that have already passed?

  • Accommodations are NOT retroactive. A student can only use his/her accommodations AFTER the accommodation letter has been distributed to instructors.


11. I have accommodations through OARS, but I may not need to use them. Am I required to use them if I have my accommodation letter sent to my professors?

  • The choice to use your accommodations is completely up to you. OARS strongly suggests that you always send your accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester so they are in place and ready to use should you need them.


12. Can I get tutoring as an accommodation?

  • Tutoring is not an accommodation, however, HPU offers peer tutoring for all students.  Any student can request tutoring HERE.


13. While each student’s needs are considered on an individual basis; the following are not commonly approved accommodations at the college level:

  • Extended time on projects, and written assignments
  • Priority registration
  • Formula cards for math tests
  • Word banks
  • Students provided notes/outlines prior to a class session
  • Alternative test formats (i.e. 2 options rather than 4 on a multiple choice exam)


14. I have approved accommodations, but I realize that I need additional accommodations. Do I have to go through the same process again? No. Schedule an appointment with our staff through the HPU website to discuss the additional accommodations you think you need.