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Conversation Partner Application

Conversation Partner Application

Application form for students who would like to volunteer to be Conversation Partners with English Language Learners.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Important to Note:

  • Students are matched based on availability, demand, and sometimes language preference.
  • You may not receive a partner right away. Please be patient. Your application will not be ignored.
  • If you sign up late in a semester, it is very difficult to match you with a university student and you may have to wait until next semester.
  • If at any time your partner does not contact you for more than a week, please tell the Director of ESL, and she will attempt to find you a new partner.
  • Any person who fails to contact his or her partner for more than a week will be removed from the program for the rest of the semester.
  • Program participants may be placed on an email list where they will receive ideas about conversation topics and meet-ups.
  • Occasional meetings of all Conversation Partners and their ELLs will be held throughout the semester. You are required to attend these meetings.

By submitting this application you are indicating that you understand how Conversation Partner matching works, and you agree to its conditions.


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