HPU Parents & Families

Linda and John Cassell


Linda and John Cassell (Bethesda, MD)

Q: How did you first hear about HPU?

We first heard about HPU through a good friend who had visited the campus with her son. She told us about the beautiful campus and the holistic education, not to mention that your name is lit up on a sign when you come for your visit.

Q: What do you remember about your first visit with Christopher to campus?

The thing I remember after our first visit to campus was the friendliness of everyone we encountered.  The security guards, people in admissions, our tour guide, cafeteria workers and students on campus couldn’t have been more welcoming!

Q: How do you support/ promote HPU?

We support HPU by serving on the Parent Council which includes attending Admitted Student Receptions, Accepted Student Receptions, Early Registration Weekends, Family Weekends,  and Freshman Move In. We have a chance to speak with parents and students to answer any questions they may have and hand out HPU gifts, such as pins, memo pads and personalized HPU M&M’s.  We also call admitted students to answer questions.  In addition, we promote HPU by telling families what a great place it is and how it has changed our son, Christopher’s, life.  We share our pictures of campus and make sure our vehicles have HPU magnets and stickers.  It’s amazing how many people will stop and ask us about the university!

Q: As HPU parents, what are you looking forward to the most this academic year?

As HPU parents, this academic year we look forward to hearing Dr. Quebin speak at both Family Weekends. I also look forward to cooking for my “sons” in the frat house of Beta Theta Pi.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give Class of 2017 parents about the first year?

One piece of advice that I would give Class of 2017 parents about the first year is to have faith in your child and be ready for the positive changes that will soon be apparent.

Q: What is your best HPU memory?

Our best HPU memory, so far, is the Freshman Convocation.  Listening to Dr. Quebin welcome the students, watching the eagle fly across the gym, and receiving our HPU blanket from our son is etched in our memories. However, the fantastic fireworks display the night before was also a memorable event! We look forward to many more wonderful memories that HPU will provide as Christopher continues his journey in the next several years.