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Mid-Term of Semester


This is a critical evaluative period for your student. Grades are usually posted by the Monday when Fall/Spring break has started. This is also a benchmark for students to see who well they are performing in the classroom. If parents desire this information and call the university, a FERPA waiver must be on file for a faculty advisor to discuss your student’s grades or progress. The good news at the period of time, the student has a set of evaluative grades and has several more weeks to improve and have a great finish to their first semester of college.

Also, this is when the student arrives home and you may ask, “What happened to may child?” They are all grown up, do not want to abide by any home rules and wish to be back on campus! Don’t worry- this is normal! They love college life and their student new-found independence but they have missed home and also favorite home cooked meals.

Also, toward the end of October, it will be time for students to sign up for advising appointments for the purpose of planning for Spring semester’s course schedule. Finally, in the month of October, all students should be taking part II of HPU’s new online education program, AlcoholEDU. Students are notified through their HPU email account. Encourage your student to complete this important activity.

Mid-Term Grades Due – Monday, October 14 by NOON

Dates to Remember

1/6 Spring Semester Classes Begin
1/20 MLK Day (no classes)
1/31-2/2 Winter Family Weekend

2/26 Mid-Term

3/1-3/9 Mid- Semester Break

4/18 & 4/21 Easter Vacation (no classes) (Late Afternoon/ Evening Classes begin at 5:00PM on 4/21)
4/24 Reading Day
4/25 Exams Begin
4/30 Exams End

5/2 Baccalaureate
5/3 2014 Commencement

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