HPU Parents & Families

Nancy and Charles Bassing


Nancy and Charles Bassing (Great Falls, VA)

Q: How did you first hear about HPU?

From a parent at Chas’ high school whose son started at HPU a year ahead of Chas. Then we kept hearing about HPU so we decided to add a visit. Boy are we glad we did!

Q: What do you remember about your first visit with Chas to campus?

The incredible facilities, from the personalized LED designated parking place to the state of the art technology in the classrooms and everywhere you looked! We were amazed with the thought and care that went into everything on campus! It was our 14th college visit and Chas’ smile got bigger and bigger the longer we were there! We knew this was his school by the end of the tour!

Q: What resource should every parent take advantage of on campus?  

Family Weekends. We love seeing Chas in his new environment and meeting his friends and their parents. There is always incredible entertainment and the energy on campus is not to be missed!

 Q: As HPU parents, what are you looking forward to the most this academic year?

Chas making the Dean’s List!  We also always look forward to Family Weekends, Parent Council Meetings and Dr. Qubein’s talks. He motivates us every time we hear him. What lucky students we have with him at the helm!

 Q: What is one piece of advice you would give parents of a student applying to HPU?

Absolutely visit the campus and schedule a guided tour.

 Q: What is your best HPU memory?

Presidential Scholarship Weekend. This weekend gave us the full understanding of what an exceptional place HPU is! Every detail of the weekend, from the well trained Ambassador at our hotel and Guides on the bus to campus, the red carpet at the entrance to the dinner to the inspiring speeches and entertainment (to name a few), were amazing!  When Dr. Qubein began his speech with “God-Family-Country” we knew Chas was in the right place. HPU exudes values that are few and far between on college campuses.