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Pam and Scott Gass


Pam and Scott Gass (Omaha, NE)

Q: How did you first hear about HPU? 
Our daughter, Ashley, was looking for an Entreprenuership program in a warm weather climate (we live in Omaha, NE) and a web search indicated that HPU had such a degree program.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give parents of a student applying to HPU?  
Be sure that you and your child are prepared to enroll at HPU before applying because there are very few students who don’t want to attend once they’ve toured the campus, met some of the students, and heard and viewed the results of Nido Qubein’s vision of the school.

Q: What do you remember about your first visit with Ashley to campus?  
Seeing Ashley’s name on a parking spot immediately grabbed our attention and demonstrated the attention to detail that started our ‘WOW’ experience!  Meighan Avalos, the HPU Student Ambassador who provided our tour, amazed us with her enthusiasm and passion for HPU.  Although it was quite chilly that day, what we saw and what we learned from Meighan made it quite clear that HPU provides its students a warm, welcoming environment that allows them to achieve their academic and personal goals in an incredibly beautiful setting.

Q: Now that Ashley is a senior, what will you remember the most about Ashley’s time here as a student at HPU?  
When Ashley entered HPU as a freshman, she had a vision of what it was she wanted from her university experience. Setbacks and hurdles occasionally crept in, but HPU faculty and administration members were not only available, but were very helpful in guiding her back to the path she set out on.  We are very thankful for the care, compassion, and support she’s received and realize that HPU has truly provided an extraordinary experience for all of us!

Q: What resource should every parent take advantage of on campus?
We recommend that parents make time to attend Family Weekends to become familiar with the resources available to them and to their student.  HPU counselors do a great job in ensuring that students deal effectively with issues that can sometimes arise; dorm residential advisors are good people to get to know; and every parent owes it to themself to hear one of Dr. Qubein’s speeches.

Q: How do you feel Ashley has benefited to the holistic, values based education here at HPU?  
Ashley has grown in to a beautiful, confident woman thanks to the support she has received from many faculty and administration members at HPU.  The personal attention she has enjoyed from many of her professors, has greatly enhanced her education; they have demonstrated that they truly care about her as both a student and a person.

Q: What is your favorite HPU memory?
We attended last fall’s Family Weekend and we loved watching Ashley walk across the fabulous campus with a huge smile on her face talking about how wonderful her time at HPU has been!