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First Month


This is about the time that your student will begin to feel the newness of college wearing off. They may become homesick or begin to really believe their roommate may not be the person they thought they were (it could be just a matter of someone not putting the cap back on the toothpaste!). What should your student do? If they are homesick, parents should alert the Office of Student Life by calling 336-841-9231 and we will ask the Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD) to check on them. Additionally, we do have six Licensed Professional Counselors, who specializes in discussing transition issues for freshman, first- time students.

Tip: If a student really dislikes his or her roommate or has met someone else they would prefer to live with have them visit with the Residence Life staff to discuss options or alternatives. if is is a matter of living styles, the roommate workbook contract can be revisited and an addition living contract can be completed for all residents.

Also, this is about the time your student may experience their first college examination. They may feel some anxiety and stress to do well, which is normal. Our early alert system is a wonderful program and faculty will send notices to our Academic Development office to indicate if a student is struggling from an academic view or just not attending class. This early alert system is a way for our faculty, students and parents (if they contact the academic advisor and there is a FERPA waiver signed) to know if their student is having adjustment issues.

Tip: If you are wondering how your student is performing academically, with the FERPA waiver signed, you may check in at any point and seek applicable information.

Tip: Encourage the start of independent living for your child. When your student calls home with a problem, ask them, ” How are you going to handle that?”

Important Deadlines and Dates


    Last Day to Decline HPU Student Insurance

    Last Day to Drop Without Record

    Last Day to Select A Meal Plan
    9.05 - 8:00am

    High Point Cycling Classic

Academic Dates to Remember

Fall Semester

Fall Family Weekend: September 26-28
Mid-Term: October 15
Fall Break: October 18 - 27
Spring Semester Registration: November 5
Thanksgiving Holiday: November 26 - 30
Last Class Day of Semester: December 10
Exams End: December 17

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