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Dr. Tobey Scharding

Tobey SchardingDr. Tobey Scharding |

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


B.A. Yale University (1999): Art and Philosophy

M.A. Johns Hopkins University (2006): Philosophy

Ph.D. Stanford University (2012): Philosophy







Applied ethics

Political philosophy

Social Ethics

Business Ethics.


Dr. Scharding joined the department in 2012. Dr. Scharding’s research focuses on distributive justice: analyzing on what basis are people entitled to benefit from economic cooperation in a just society. Her dissertation, “Individual Differences and Political Equality: Two Reconciliations,” explained how the resources of two historical views–Fichte’s claim that people are entitled to guaranteed employment at a living wage as a matter of basic justice and Rawl’s conception of justice in the long run–can solve a problem in contemporary political philosophy (how to reconcile the claims of individual differences with the claims of political equality in determining people’s just distributive entitlements). She is currently working on papers on “Contributions, Efforts, Needs, and Justice,” “Equal Opportunity for Employment and Guaranteed Employment,” and “Job Security, Employment at Will, and the Value of Employment.” She hails from Pittsburgh, PA.





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