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Law School — LSAT

Let’s face it: Socrates was the first attorney. And ever since, Philosophy has been a rigorous field of argumentation, critical analysis, reasoned articulation, and effective communication. Philosophy as a major provides the essential skills to succeed in the legal field.

Phil majors dominate the LSAT and Acceptance into law school: Philosophy Ranks 2nd!!!


Majors with the Highest Acceptance Rate Into Law School (2001)

  1. Physics
  2. Philosophy
  3. Biology (specialized)
  4. Chemistry & Gov’t Service
  5. Anthropology
  6. Economics
  7. Biology (general)
  8. History
  9. English

Law School track in Philosophy (some recommended courses):

Critical Thinking and Logic
Ancient Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Political Philosophy
Ethics: Business, Bio-Medical, Social, or Communication

If you are interested in pre-law, please click here to see HPU’s Pre-Professional Programs.


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