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james-smoligaJames Smoliga, DVM, PhD earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Cornell University in 2003 and a PhD in Sports Medicine and Nutrition from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. Dr. Smoliga is the Associate Director of the High Point University Human Biomechanics and Physiology Laboratory. Dr. Smoliga began his academic career as a faculty member as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology at Marywood University (Scranton, PA) in 2007, where he was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011, before moving to High Point University in 2012. Prior to teaching in the DPT program, Dr. Smoliga taught undergraduate and graduate courses in human anatomy and physiology, animal physiology, exercise physiology, and chronic disease, and also taught exercise physiology courses for primary care sports medicine fellows at Geisinger Medical Center (Danville, PA). Additionally, Dr. Smoliga has served as a research advisor for over a dozen undergraduate students, and has served as a committee member or chair for multiple graduate theses. Dr. Smoliga will be responsible for delivering the course content of PT 3020 CVP I, PT 3021 CVPII, and PT 3070 Clinical Pathology. Dr. Smoliga continues to be an active scholar, and currently has over 30 peer-review publications in the area of human physiology, sports medicine, and translational medicine. Dr. Smoliga has over a decade of experience presenting his research at national and international conferences, and continues to formally mentor students for conference research presentations every year. Dr. Smoliga is currently the Co-Chair of the Endurance Athlete Medicine and Science Interest Group of the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Smoliga continues to serve as a peer reviewer for over 40 scientific journals.

Selected Publications (of 45 total):

Selected Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Publications:

  1. Smoliga J.M., Weiss P., Rundell K.W.  Exercise induced bronchoconstriction in adults: evidence-based diagnosis and management.  BMJ (British Medical Journal).  352:h6951. PMID:  26762594.
  2. Smoliga J.M., Mohseni Z.S., Berwager J.D., Hegedus E.J.  Common causes of dyspnea in athletes – a practical approach for effective diagnosis and management.  Breathe.  12(2):e22-37.  PMID: 27408644.
  3. Smoliga J.M., Zavorsky G.S.  “Tighter fit” theory – physiologists explain why “higher altitude” and jugular occlusion are unlikely to reduce risks for sports concussion and brain injuries.  Journal of Applied Physiology In Press.  PMID: 27609202
  4. Zavorsky G.S., Smoliga J.M., Risk of concussion for players in contact sports at “high” altitude vs. sea level.  JAMA Neurology.  In press. PMID: 27598557
  5. Farina K.A., Wright A.A., Ford K.R., Wirfel L.A., Smoliga J.M.  Physiological and biomechanical responses to running on a lower body positive pressure treadmill.  Sports Medicine.  In Press.  PMID: 27380101.
  6. Wright A.A., Taylor J.B., Ford K.R., Siska L., Smoliga J.M.  Risk factors associated with lower extremity stress fractures in runners: a systematic review with meta-analysis.  British Journal of Sports Medicine. 49(23): 1517-1523, 2015.  PMID: 26582192
  7. Wright A.A., Hegedus E.J., Lenchik L., Kuhn K.J., Santiago L., Smoliga J.M.  Diagnostic accuracy of various imaging modalities for suspected lower extremity stress fractures: a systematic review with evidence-based recommendations for clinical practice.  American Journal of Sports Medicine.  44(1): 255-263, 2016.  PMID: 25805712
  8. Smoliga J.M., Wirfel L.A., Paul D., Doarnberger M., Ford K.R.  In-shoe loading during unweighted running on a lower body positive pressure treadmill.  Journal of Biomechanics, 48(10): 1950-1956, 2015. PMID: 25931271

Selected Resveratrol and Translational Medicine Publications:

  1. Hausenblas H.A., Schoulda J.A., Smoliga J.M.  Resveratrol treatment as an adjunct to pharmacological management in Type 2 diabetes mellitus – systematic review and meta-analysis.  Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. 59(1), 2015.  PMID:  25138371
  2. Blanchard O.L. and Smoliga J.M.  Translating dosages from animal models to human clinical trials – revisiting body surface area scaling.  FASEB Journal.  29(5): 1629-1634, 2015. PMID: 25657112
  3. Blanchard O.L., Friesenhahn G., Javors M.A., Smoliga J.M.  Development of a lozenge for oral transmucosal delivery of trans-resveratrol in humans: proof of concept.  PLoS One. 9(2):e90131, 2014.  PMID:  24587240
  4. Agarwal B., Campen M.J., Channell M.M., Wherry S.J. , Varamini B, Davis J.G., Baur J.A., Smoliga J.M.  Resveratrol for prevention of atherosclerosis: biomarker evidence in humans.  International Journal of Cardiology.  166(1): 246-248, 2013.  PMID: 23098852
  5. Smoliga J.M., Colombo E.S., Campen M.J.  A healthier approach to clinical trials evaluating resveratrol for primary prevention of age-related diseases in healthy populations.  Aging. 5(7): 495-506, 2013.  PMID: 24073437
  6. Smoliga J.M., Baur J.A., Hausenblas H.A.  Resveratrol’s Influence on Health – A Comprehensive Review of Human Clinical Trials.  Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. 55(8): 1129-41, 2011.  PMID: 21688389.
  7. Smoliga J.M. Vang O., Baur J.A.  Challenges of translating basic research into therapeutics: Resveratrol as an example.  Journal of Gerontology Series A. 67(2): 158-167, 2012. PMID: 21746739

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