Stephen Vultaggio, 223rd American Astronomical Society Meeting

A Photometric Survey for Rapidly-Pulsating Hot Subdwarf Stars with SKYNET Poster at the 223rd American Astronomical Society Meeting in Washington, D.C. Hot subdwarf B stars (sdBs) are evolved stellar objects with high effective temperatures and large surface gravities. Theory shows that these stars were once red giants that were stripped of their outer H envelopes. […]

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2015 End of Year Picnic/Celebration

Our department and SPS begins and ends the school year with a picnic. In September, we welcome first-year students to the department. In April, we celebrate the year and say goodbye to our seniors. We often study projectile motion (football), angular momentum and torque (frisbee), Magnus effect (soccer ball launcher), and rotational and translational motion (ladder game). […]

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