Stephen Vultaggio, 223rd American Astronomical Society Meeting

A Photometric Survey for Rapidly-Pulsating Hot Subdwarf Stars with SKYNET
Poster at the 223rd American Astronomical Society Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Hot subdwarf B stars (sdBs) are evolved stellar objects with high effective temperatures and large surface gravities. Theory shows that these stars were once red giants that were stripped of their outer H envelopes. How this stripping occurs is uncertain, although observations show binary interactions probably play a major role in this process. A small fraction of sdB stars exhibit rapid photometric oscillations; such pulsations are excellent tools for unraveling the structure and future evolution of these stars. We are currently surveying known sdB stars with the SKYNET telescope network to discover new pulsators. Here we discuss the details of our survey and present a handful of new variables that we have found.