2015 Summer Internship – Hallie Stidham


Hallie Stidham (REU @ CERN)

Rising senior Hallie Stidham spent the summer working near the Franco-Swiss border at CERN, the site of the world’s largest particle physics laboratory! She is working with the Columbia University ATLAS group to analyze 13 TeV data from the Large Hadron Collider, the same facility that reported a probable detection of the Higgs Boson (the so-called “God particle”) in 2012. Specifically, Hallie is working on VV Resonances decaying to lepton neutrino qq. This includes writing code to analyze the data and plot multiple histograms with different cuts of the events in the data. They are receiving new data all the time. Hallie also presents at the Columbia University bi-weekly meetings about what she has been working on and progress that’s being made. We look forward to hearing more about her work and results when she returns!