Paper submitted on classical particle exchange

Dr. Jarrett Lancaster of JSNN, alumnus Colin McGuire, and Dr. Aaron Titus wrote a paper on classical particle exchange. A pre-print of the paper is available on arXiv. Colin began this project for Honors credit in the calculus-based physics course 2009-2010. Dr. Lancaster developed analytic solutions and investigated the “relativistic” regime. The paper is a testimony […]

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SPS Meeting – Summer Research Presentations

Agenda 1. Summer research presentations 2. HPUniverse Day 3. T-shirt designs 4. Workbench construction (Thursday at 3:00pm) 5. Hovercraft construction (TBD) Attendance 14 students, 4 faculty Presentations NASA Panther CLAWS team The team said it was challenging and rewarding. They worked together well. For next proposal, they suggest that some team members stay on campus […]

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