SPS Meeting – Summer Research Presentations


1. Summer research presentations

2. HPUniverse Day

3. T-shirt designs

4. Workbench construction (Thursday at 3:00pm)

5. Hovercraft construction (TBD)


14 students, 4 faculty


NASA Panther CLAWS team

The team said it was challenging and rewarding. They worked together well. For next proposal, they suggest that some team members stay on campus and work on the project during the summer. Also, it is worth having a larger team even if only a few teammates travel to Houston.

nasa-01 nasa-02

Hallie Stidham — CERN

Hallie was accepted through a REU at Columbia University. She worked under the direction of a postdoc. Her work focused on selecting (i.e. “cutting”) data, analyzing data, and generating graphs for various energies.

It was a great experience because she learned how to communicate with graduate students and postdocs. She felt confident in having technical skills and background knowledge to do the work.


Rodrigo Catalan and Alan Vasquz

Both Alan and Rodrigo worked with Dr. Barlow. Rodrigo measured and analyzed the orbits of a very luminous, binary star system. Alan measured amplitude of a pulsating star which is evolving. It is part of a long-term project.







Matthew Iczkowski

Matt worked for Callaway Golf in their materials and quality control lab. His project was related to measuring dimple quality by analyzing lift and drag. The project was related to identifying areas of improvement in the production. His second project was related to studying durability.

The golf ball in the picture is a new model recently released by Callaway.