Physics Majors Present at 2016 Winter AAPT Meeting

Physics majors Matthew Iczkowski, Nick Kasle, Simeon Simeonides, and Hallie Stidham gave presentations at the 2016 AAPT Winter Meeting in New Orleans, LA, January 9-12, 2016. Their presentations were:

  • S. Simeonides, “Apparatus for Study of Motion in Rotational Reference Frames”
  • N. Kasle, “Motion of a Ball on a Board Tilted about Two Axes”
  • H. Stidham and M. Iczkowski, “HPU’s Chip ‘n’ Ship and NASA Micro-g NExT Program Experience”

Simeon’s poster and Hallie’s and Matt’s oral presentation received SPS awards for best presentations. The group also participated in SPS’s outreach to a nearby middle school.