Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Professional Programs

High Point University has been very successful in placing graduates in professional programs. Students are allowed a great deal of flexibility in choosing major fields and specific courses within basic admissions requirements, and so careful advising is essential.

Students wishing to attend law school should consult with Dr. Scott Ingram and Dr. Donna Scheidt.

Students wishing to pursue a pharmacy education should consult both their Freshman Success Coach, Britt Carl, and the Pharmacy Profession Program Advisor, Dr. Buddy Lingle.

To earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree a student must complete six years of study. Although a BS degree is not necessary to apply for this course of study, advising is critical for students to be able to complete the curriculum in six years.

Students who plan to enter dental, medical, veterinary, or allied health schools should consult closely and early with the health-related pre-professional advisor, Dr. Kelli Sapp. In addition, they should consult the Pre-Professional and Allied Health Advisory Committee.

For further information contact the advisor for your preprofessional program via the Contact Us page.


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