Pre-Professional Programs

Art Therapy

Advisor: Mr. Scott Raynor

Students interested in pursuing a career in Art Therapy are advised to complete a BA in Studio Art with broad exposure to a variety of media, and a minor in Psychology with an emphasis in clinical classes. This course work is generally considered the foundation needed for a successful application to a graduate program, however, students are always encouraged to consult the specific prerequisites of the schools to which applications are made. Applicants should expect to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) as part of the application process.

Bachelor of Art in Studio Art consists of 48 credits while the minor in Psychology is 20 credits. With the 50 credits of general education requirements, students will have 12 free elective credits. The specifics of each of these programs may be found in the HPU Undergraduate Bulletin under the corresponding departments.

Current students: please contact Scott Raynor via the contact form.
Prospective students: please fill out the information request form or contact an admissions counselor to learn more.


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