Pre-Professional Programs


Advisor: Dr. Kelli K. Sapp

Application to dental schools can be made after satisfactory completion of a minimum of three years of undergraduate study (90-96 credits). Some dental schools will accept applications after two years of pre-professional study, although the preference is for 3-4 years of pre-dental study. The majority of students accepted for dental study have already earned a bachelor’s degree.

Any area of concentration may be chosen as a major, provided the requisite foundation in natural sciences and mathematics has been obtained.

Required Courses (for admission to schools of dentistry)
English Composition and Literature
CHM 1010-1020. General Chemistry
CHM 2510-2520. Organic Chemistry
BCH 3220. Biochemistry
BIO 1399. Introduction to Biological Principles & Literature
BIO 2120. General Zoology
PHY 1510-1520. General Physics or
PHY 2010-2020. Fundamentals of Physics

It is essential that each student planning to seek admission to a school of dentistry be aware of the specific admission requirements for that particular dental school. Requirements vary. Full information is available in the annual publication of the American Association of Dental Schools, Admission Requirements of American Dental Schools.


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