Pre-Professional Programs


Advisor: Dr. Kelli K. Sapp

Application to veterinary school can be made after satisfactory completion of a minimum of two years of undergraduate study (45-50 credits depending upon the program). Most veterinary schools specify their own minimum academic standards when it comes to cumulative and required course GPA. The majority of students accepted for veterinary study have already earned a bachelor’s degree.

Required Courses (for admission to schools of veterinary medicine):
Composition & Writing, Public Speaking, Communications
MTH 1410. Calculus I
STS 2020 or STS 3200. Statistics
PHY 1510-1520. General Physics or
PHY 2010-2020 Fundamentals of Physics
CHM 1010-1020. General Chemistry
CHM 2510-2520. Organic Chemistry
BIO 1399. Introduction to Biological Principles and Literature
BIO 3040. Microbiology
BIO 3050. Genetics
BCH 3220. Biochemistry
Humanities/Social Sciences

**A course in Animal Nutrition is strongly recommended by most veterinary schools. Most schools, including High Point University, do not offer an animal nutrition course. Students can take this course via distance learning by an accredited college or university, e.g. North Carolina State University, Oklahoma State University, Purdue University, Rutgers University.

It is essential that each student planning to seek admission to a school of veterinary medicine be aware of the specific admission requirements for that particular school. Requirements vary. In addition to the required courses, students must take either the GRE or VCAT and have a variety of supervised experiences (in some cases the school may specify a number of hours) in the veterinary medical profession (i.e. working with small and large animals in a veterinary practice, zoological medicine) and other animal experiences (i.e. research, volunteer at animal shelter, working at an aquarium, equestrian activities).


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