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What is the purpose of higher education? It’s a question we should ask ourselves daily.

I would like to share with you how our institution, High Point University, is working to bridge the chasm between university life and, well, life. We have instituted a successful and popular mandatory course. Every freshman student is enrolled in a fall semester course, which I teach and facilitate.

Called Life Skills, this course gives students a hefty dose of Real World pragmatism as they enter HPU. The skills they learn are meant to help them succeed in all aspects of life-academic, professional, and personal. By taking the course as freshmen, the rest of their course work is often experienced through the lens of practical application. It sets the tone for developing an intentional life plan.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be sharing some thoughts, insights, and illustrations that I share with our students on the campus of High Point University. I invite you to visit our campus and see for yourself why US NEWS ranked HPU #1 – TWICE in their 2013 “Best Colleges” Lists. #1 Regional Colleges in the South and #1 Up and Coming Schools in the South.


Nido R. Qubein

Chinese Proverb

When you visit High Point University, you will be amazed at the energy of our students.  While our friendly environment fosters excitement, the energy comes from our students themselves.  They are engaged in every aspect of campus life – but it all begins with academic engagement.  Here at HPU, we call it experiential learning.  But it may be best explained by the old Chinese proverb: I hear and I forget. I see and I might remember.  I do and then I understand.

Our faculty are true teacher–mentors.  They successfully blend classroom content and discourse with practical application in the ever-changing world in which we live. Check out our students involved in the Democracy USA project.  More than 60 students attended both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  Interviewing policymakers, pundits, and the public, it’s these types of thoughtful experiences that add insight to the concepts discussed in class. The Democracy USA Project is merely one example of the many opportunities HPU students have to be involved in experiential learning.

I encourage you to visit our campus to meet our faculty and students who together are cultivating innovative ideas and working to make the world a better place.


Nido R. Qubein

Are You Focused?

“Make a strong and permanent commitment to invest your talents only in pursuits that deserve your best efforts.”

In the HPU Life Skills Class for freshmen, one of the topics that fascinates students is the concept of time AND energy management.  You see, it’s all about focus.  What endeavors are worthy of your most precious resource – your time.

High Point University’s focus continues to be delivering an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people.  We continue to attract faculty from some of the finest schools in America: Duke, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and the list goes on.  I encourage you to visit this campus and see for yourself the focus that has been placed on extraordinary learning opportunities.


Nido R. Qubein

 Is Your Light On?

“Enthusiasm is the light of creativity and insight.”

Cynics are plentiful.  Doubters are abundant.  Naysayers are infinite.  Don’t let them slow you down.  You should never, ever let anyone diminish your enthusiasm and desire to be extraordinary!

High Point University’s International Promenade is lined with 20 sculptures of famous historical figures.  From Martin Luther King Jr to Gandhi, to Mother Teresa – they serve as a constant reminder to our students that greatness is not intimidated by those that say it can’t be done.  The HPU call to action is “be extraordinary!”  I invite you to visit our campus – a campus that recognizes that every student has the capability of producing extraordinary results.


Nido R. Qubein

It’s Personal.

“When something becomes personal, it becomes important.”

As you continue your search for the college that offers the best fit for you, ask yourself this important question: Does this school think I’m important?

At High Point University, we are student-focused.  From Dr. Aaron Titus who conducts physics research with students, to “Miss Terri” who greets students in our Farmer’s Market restaurant, our faculty and staff are committed to the development of our students.  From our campus grounds to our residence halls to our study spaces throughout campus, we have invested measurably to ensure that HPU students live in an environment of excellence.  We don’t want learning to merely “take place.”  We want learning to thrive! Why?  You see, for our faculty and staff, this is personal.  We understand our mission to provide an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people.  Daily we set out to help our students change the world in meaningful ways.  You should visit our campus and witness the result of a learning environment that truly cares about the student.


Nido R. Qubein

Who Are You Walking With?

“If you would be successful, first you must walk hand-in-hand and side-by-side with successful people.”

The faculty at High Point University have been attracted here from some of the finest universities across the country: Stanford, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, just to name a few.  They come here to teach, to advise, to encourage and to mentor our students.  At every turn on our campus, students are surrounded by successful faculty and committed staff.

The result? Successful outcomes for our students.  When you surround yourself with success, you learn how to become successful.  It’s not complicated really.  You witness hard work, dedication, commitment, resilience, civility, patience, gratitude, and 100 other traits of those who succeed. Over time, you find yourself exhibiting those same traits.  Come visit HPU and meet some of our extraordinary faculty and caring staff.  We are fortunate to employ over 1,000 successful people who would love to walk side-by-side with you.


Nido R. Qubein

Roll Up Your Sleeves!

“Most of us miss our best opportunities in life because they come to us disguised as hard work.”

Hundreds of people ask me daily, “How did High Point University transform so quickly over the past 6 years?  How did you attract such stellar faculty?  How did the campus develop in such a spectacular fashion so quickly?”

My simple answer, “I saw an opportunity.”

Our great nation attracts people from around the world in search of opportunity.  Don’t be frightened by the challenges that find you.  You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish if you’re prepared to work hard.  Now get busy!


Nido R. Qubein

Where Do You Go Once You’ve Made It To #1

High Point University was fortunate to be named Number 1 – THREE Times – by US News and World Report in their 2014 Best Colleges Report, #1 Regional School in the South, #1 Undergraduate Teaching in the South, and #1 Up and Coming School in the South.

A friend half jokingly remarked to me, “HPU has no where else to go.”  To which I replied:

“Achieving your vision doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of the line. It simply means that you’ve come to a new starting place.”

While we are proud of the recognition by US News, our goal is not to achieve high rankings.  Our goal is to positively impact the hearts and minds of the students who choose to attend HPU.  Our call to action, “Choose to be extraordinary” by design, has no definitive conclusion.  Excellence is to be pursued, not obtained.  As you pursue excellence, I invite you to visit our campus.  HPU is an extraordinary place.  See you soon.


Nido R. Qubein

It Starts With Commitment

Winning the game. Losing weight.  Studying more. Making the grade.  Earning respect. Completing the task. Following through.  Keeping the promise. Remembering the reason.  Saving the money.  Lending a hand.

“The power comes from within you. It’s there and you may not even know it.”

If you are committed, then you can do it.  At High Point University, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential as a human being.  We want to help you find more than just a career.  We also want to support the development of your character.  Our students provide over 30,000 hours of service to the local HPU community each year.  This is merely one example of the holistic approach to life and learning you will find at High Point University.


Nido R. Qubein

What Is Your Goal?

“Whatever keeps you from reaching your goal for today had better be important – it’s costing you a day of your life!”

Don’t get distracted by all the “stuff” in life.  Stay focused on your goals.  Every day at HPU, we are focused on assisting each of our students with achieving their goals for living a life of success and significance.  A few of the many complimentary services we provide include: a learning assistance program, tutors, career and internship services, ipad and kindle loaners, computer help desk, dozens of computer printer locations, campus concierge, counseling center, health services center, recreation facilities, bicycle use, local transportation, and many more.  Why do we offer such robust services for our students? Because we are focused on your success.  We don’t want you distracted by all the “stuff” that keeps you from focusing on your goals to learn, grow, and achieve.  Of course, you should visit and see for yourself the many academic and social programs that our students utilize each and every day as they pursue their goals.  See you soon.


Nido R. Qubein



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