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Do I need a portfolio for admission?

No. Any student may begin the sequence of furnishings/product development and design courses. Progression through the major is based on the student’s ability to demonstrate through assignments, projects and examination acquisition of the learning objectives in each course. Failure to do so may disrupt the student’s program of study and could delay graduation for up to one year. See prerequisites for courses.


Do I need to complete 2 applications, one for HPU and one for the Furnishings/Product Development and Design Program?

No. If a student is accepted to HPU, then they may begin taking classes in the major as appropriate.


Do we have internship opportunities while in the university?

Yes. Our proximity to and relationship with the High Point Market provides many opportunities for students to acquire internships–many of which become jobs upon graduation.


Do we have to buy a computer with special requirements for Furnishings/Product Development and Design to use during freshman year? Or can we buy it later?

A laptop is required at the beginning of the junior year. Please see Computer Requirements under Helpful Links for specifications. Be advised that the listed computer requirements are for the current year. Two years from now, the minimum requirements will likely be different due to changes in technology. Students may choose to purchase a laptop mainly for word processing as freshmen, knowing that they will need to purchase a more powerful computer for their junior year. Or students may choose to purchase a more powerful computer as a freshman in order to anticipate software needs during the junior and senior year.


Can I major in Furnishings/Product Development and Design and minor in something else? If so, what can I minor in?

Due to the high number of required credits, minoring requires careful planning and may require additional time. Speak to your advisor early to explore and plot out options.


Do I need a recommendation letter?



Are we given the opportunity of studying abroad?

Programs across HPU, including those in Interior Design and Art, offer Maymester study abroad experiences. Students wishing to study for a full semester may do so during the spring semester of the junior year and should consult with their advisor as soon as possible in order to plan accordingly.


Are we offered Scholarships?

The Knabush-Shoemaker International School of Home Furnishings and Design has an extensive number of scholarships.


The High Point Admissions Office is Located in Wrenn Hall.

Tours are available 7 days a week. Please contact us to schedule your visit.
(800) 345-6993
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