David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Kelly Curtis-
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Biopsychology
336-B Roberts Hall
(336) 841-9569
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Dr. Deborah Danzis-
Associate Professor of Psychology, I/O Psychology
228 School of Education
(336) 841-9008
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Dr. Greggory Hundt-
Associate Professor of Psychology, Social Psychology
Chair of Department of Psychology
226 School of Education
(336) 841-4631
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Dr. Sadie Leder Elder-
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Social Psychology
Associate Director of Survey Research Center
336C Roberts Hall
(336) 841-9430
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Dr. Kirsten Li-Barber-
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Developmental Psychology
223 School of Education
(336) 841-4620
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Dr. Stacy Lipowski-
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
336-A Roberts Hall
(336) 841-9455
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Dr. Christopher Lootens -
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology
224 School of Education
(336) 841-9644
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Dr. Jana Spain-
Professor of Psychology, Social and Personality Psychology
Director High Point Washington Program
227 School of Education
(336) 841-4541
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Dr. Kimberly Wear-
Associate Professor of Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Chair, Institutional Review Board
222 School of Education
(336) 841-9246
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Sandra Fantauzzi
Administrative Assistant
School of Education, 2nd Floor
(336) 841-9064


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