Research Administration and Sponsored Programs

Gift Versus Grant

High Point University receives both gifts and grants from external sources.   However, gifts and grants are treated differently in terms of accounting and management.  If you remain uncertain how to categorize your effort, please contact the Office of Research Administration and Sponsored Programs at to review the associated documentation.


A voluntary and irrevocable transfer of money, services, or property given from an external source without any expectation of a return benefit from High Point University.  Gifts are handled by the Office of Institutional Advancement.


An agreement that transfers money, services, or property in exchange for a set of specific services and deliverables to an external source during a set period of time.  This definition of a grant includes contracts, subcontracts, subawards, etc.  Funding from a governmental source is never a gift.  Grants are handled by RASP.

Do you have questions? Email RASP at or call 841-9313 for assistance.

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