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Do you want to get started? RASP is ready to help! Below is the broad process for finding an opportunity, preparing a proposal, and obtaining institutional proposal review and approval.

1. Determine your interest

  • What piques your interest?
  • What is your area of expertise?

2. Find opportunities

  • Use an opportunity search engine, such as PIVOT, to identify opportunities.
  • Think about possible supporting entities that are local to High Point and the Triad region. Many companies and foundations seek to support those in their community.
  • Ask your mentors and colleagues who have experience in your area about possible opportunities.
  • Review the CV of those who are successful in your field. Most researchers post their CV online. Look and see what opportunities they have had funded and by what entity.
  • After you find an opportunity, ensure that High Point University is an eligible entity and that there is sufficient time to prepare a quality proposal.  A rule of thumb for those starting with grant writing is that it will take you three times the amount of time you initially expect.

3. Prepare your proposal

  • Read the sponsor’s request for proposal at least twice.
  • Determine what must be in the proposal and what is required to submit the proposal.
  • Review the RASP website for helpful proposal development resources.
  • Prepare the project budget according to High Point University standards.
  • Common High Point University identifiers and information are available on the RASP website.

4. Complete the RASP Conflict of Interest process

  • Review the RASP Conflict of Interest policy.
  • Prepare a Conflict of Interest disclosure, sign it and take the associated training.
  • Insert your name and date in the training certificate following the training.
  • Send the signed disclosure and training certificate to
  • RASP will complete the certification process.

5. Route the proposal for institutional approval

  • Complete and sign a RASP routing form.
  • Ensure that all applicable compliance committees (Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee) review your proposal.
  • Submit, at the minimum, the signed routing form, your proposal, and the sponsor’s request for proposal to
  • RASP will complete the review and approval process.
  • RASP will provide a copy of the approved proposal for the faculty member’s submission or RASP can submit it.

6. Wait for sponsor notification and stay positive!


Do you have questions? Email RASP at or call 841-9313 for assistance.


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