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University Research Advancement Grants

The central aim of the Office of Research Administration and Sponsored Programs (RASP) is to facilitate faculty research, scholarship, and other creative activities at High Point University. In an effort to support this aim, RASP instituted the University Research Advancement Grants (URAG).  These grants offer preliminary funding support for early-stage research programs (also called “proof of concept” and “early idea development” activities). URAG proposals are reviewed by an external panel of experts who are qualified to judge the professional merits of each proposal.  This review process is designed to ensure that proposals with the greatest merit are chosen through an unbiased selection process.  URAG awards support is up to one year in length for research or creative work.

Two categories of URAG funding are available:

1. Quest Grant: Four awards of $2,500 are available to support faculty scholarly and creative activities in areas where grant opportunities are rare or limited. Recipients of Quest Grants must identify an external grant, peer-reviewed journal, or performance that will be sought or delivered as a result of this funding.  In addition, grant recipients must take concrete steps to bring their work to fruition—either by applying for external funding, submitting a manuscript for publication, or scheduling or completing an artistic performance—  within six months of the end of the URAG award period.

2. Explorer Grant: Four awards of $7,500 are available to support research for which the principal investigator wishes to obtain significant external funding in the future. Explorer Grant recipients must identify and apply to an external grant funding opportunity within six months of the end of the URAG award period.

Eligibility: Applicants must be full-time tenure-track faculty who hold the rank Assistant Professor or higher.

Deadline: October 16, 2017

Application Process: Assemble the information below, sign the General Information form and have it signed by your Department Head, and submit the documents to

General Information: (complete the attached General Information form)

  • Name
  • Position
  • Contact Information (preferred email, work phone, work address)
  • Department and School/College
  • Category Type
  • Requested Funding Amount
  • Title
  • Abstract (150 words maximum)

 Proposal Requirements:

  • Statement of Work: (three pages or less)
    • o Project Description
    • o Method or Plan of Action
    • o Period of Performance
  • Statement of Significance: (one page)
    • o Why is this work important?
    • o What is the resulting impact?
    • o Where will you see future support?
  • Budget and Budget Justification (complete the attached Budget and Budget Justification forms)
  • CV (two pages or less)


URAG General Information Form – PDF | Word

URAG Budget Form

URAG Budget Justification

Scoring Rubric


Do you have questions? Email RASP at or call 841-9313 for assistance.

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