Office of the University Registrar

Office of the University Registrar

Fall 2017 Registration Information
Student Planning Registration News Fall 2017
Registration fall 2017 tips and procedures – Students

Fall 2017  Registration Schedule
March 29 – Fall and Summer Registration opens for seniors,96 or more credits (*completed)
March 30 – active student athletes/ Honors Program
March 31 – students with 73-95 credits (*completed)
April 3 – students with 50-72 credits (*completed)
April 4 – students with 36-49 credits (*completed)
April 5 – students with 18-35 credits (*completed)
April 6 – students with 16-17 credits (*completed)
April 7 – students with 0-15 credits

*Registration date and time are set based upon your completed credits at the beginning of the semester. If you took credits over the summer at another institution and transferred those to HPU they may not be included depending on when the transcript was received.


High Point University Summer Sessions 2017
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Commencement 2017


*What it takes to Graduate from HPU

* E-mail as Official Communication for Students

Glossary of Academic Terminology High Point University

Graduation Application
      *Degree Conferral Dates and Diploma Mailings
      *Diploma Name Policy

Drop-Add Form
Undergraduate Registration Form
(FERPA) Consent for Access of Education Records

Independent Study Application Form
Directed Study Application Form



Our office is located on the first floor of Roberts Hall.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

Phone: 336-841-9029
Fax: (336) 888-6365