Office of the University Registrar

Double Degree vs. Double Major – Know the Difference!

A double major is a program of study in which the student earns one degree (one diploma) with two majors.  A double major requires completion of at least 128 semester hours, all general education requirements, and all requirements for both majors.

A double degree requires completion of at least 160 semester hours as well as all general education requirements and all requirements for both majors.  Students who earn a double degree will receive two diplomas.

The 160-hour requirement applies only to those students earning double degrees concurrently.  If a student graduates from High Point University and returns at a later date to complete a second degree, he or she will be required to complete an additional 32 credits beyond those earned for the first degree.  He or she will meet the requirements of the second degree in the catalog of re-entry, and all remaining coursework must be completed at High Point University.


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